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Brendan Lehman, born in 1997 and raised in Arlington, MA, is a versatile artist specializing in oil painting, illustration, and graphic design, while he also serves as the founder of Aspire Art Boards and Liquid Box Design.


Brendan's artistic journey began with drawing cartoons in grade school, but it wasn't until the end of high school that his passion for art was reignited through exploration of street art and comic illustrations. Enrolling at Lesley University in Cambridge and later SMFA at Tufts in Boston, he delved into technical realism, but ultimately chose to depart formal art education after two years. Shortly after, Brendan met Rick Berry, a local figurative expressionist oil painter whose work captivated him. Under Berry's mentorship, Brendan's artistic approach underwent a transformative shift, prioritizing spontaneity over strict technique. His work always evolving, Brendan continuously pushes the boundaries of his creations.

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Untitled Oil Painting by Brendan Lehman
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